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What is this?

One of most popular classification of items are 'Lucky Boxes'. These Boxes feature a preselected variety of characters with a prearranged set of odds (Normally one of each Character per box).

A 'Box-Split' is traditionally the function of purchasing a complete box of these items and splitting them amongst different people, allowing participants to pick the Characters/Variations that they want.

The 'Rawckz-Split Box Splitting Scheme' lets you do exactly this, except we do all the work! 

Have you ever seen a Lucky Box set and really wanted one specific Character, but didn't fancy your luck of trying to get them? Maybe you and your friends have two or three Characters you can't stand to look at?

Just let us know which Character(s) in a set you and your friends want and we'll handle the rest! All of our splits are hosted on our Instagram 'Rawckz_Splits", and if we can find enough people to claim at least 80% of a box, you can have as many or as few Characters as you want!

We recommend reading the "FAQ" below before applying! Once you're caught up with all the info, you can apply here: 

FAQ and Info

What is the Rawckz_Splits Box-Splitting Scheme?

As mentioned above, Lucky Box sets usually feature one of each character within a complete box. As such, it is common for people to purchase complete boxes and split the characters, either between friends or within box-splitting groups, so that they can get the character(s) they desire.

We are making this process easier for customers, taking the responsibility of hosting the Box-Split and allowing the process to become more automatic for the Host!

Only 80% of the Box is required to be reserved (Rounded Down) to complete a split. For example:

  • Box of 4 = 3 Required to Complete
  • Box of 6 = 5 Required to Complete
  • Box of 10 = 8 Required to Complete

So if you want one character from a set of 6, we would need 4 other characters, for a total of 5, to complete the split and have the reserved characters shipped out! 


Does a Box-Split cost anything extra?

No! The Box-Splitting process does not incur any additional charges! You only pay for the Characters/ Variations that you desire, unless arranged otherwise.

A Shipping Charge will be required to be paid by every customer who reserves a Character; this charge will be a flat fee regardless of the number of variations reserved and will be paid when making a reservation.


Where are the Box-Splits hosted?

At this current time, we are hosting all of our Box-Splits on our new Instagram '@Rawckz_Splits'. This is an Instagram where posts will be made for every Box Split we are currently hosting. Any Split that has expired or been completed will be deleted so that only active Box-Spits are promoted on the account to save any confusion.

We may look to expand where we host our splits in the future, but for the moment Instagram will be our primary location, available for Instagram users exclusively.


Are Lucky Boxes that are Pre-Order available for Box-Splits?

Yes! We can accept requests for Box-Splits of Lucky Boxes that are available for Pre-Order! If the Pre-Order set has a Deadline that is less than 7 Days away, the deadline will instead be the day before the Pre-Order Deadline. This also occurs if the Host chooses, for example, 21 Days but the Deadline is 15 Days away, in which case the Deadline would be 14 Days.

If a product is marked as 'Waiting for Stock' this means that we have ordered additional quantity. Therefore, this will be treated the same as an In-Stock Box Split,

Please be aware that we still require payment to secure characters for a Pre-Order box split, regardless of release date. The date of which the product releases will be made clear in the Instagram post and any updates or delays will be sent to the Host and all members of the split via Instagram Private Message or Email.


What is the time limit for splits?

We allow the Host to choose a Time Limit for their split when applying. The shortest option we offer is 7 Days, whilst the longest option we offer is 21 Days. If a split does not reach the required reservations before this date, it will be cancelled and everyone who has reserved a character will be fully refunded,

Our splits are currently operated manually; this can mean that refunds may be slightly delayed in being sent depending on when the split ends. We aim to have refunds sent out to all customers within 24 hours of a box being unsuccessful,

We offer two backup options for the Host to ensure that a split is completed in the case it is going to be unsuccessful; the choice to elect certain characters that the Host is willing to pay for if they are not claimed, or the ability to pay for the remainder of the split. Payment for either of these options will be required in the last 24 hours of a Box-Split, but the Host is free to change their mind, even if they had previously opted-in!

In some circumstances, we may allow a split to continue even if the agreed amount of Characters has not been reserved. This depends on which remaining characters are available and if we think we would be able to find buyers for them.

Splits that have reached the number of Characters required while still having options available (For example; 8 reserved characters from a box of 10, meaning 2 characters are remaining), will be re-uploaded and remain on our account.

In the event of either of these circumstances, the host will no longer be responsible for the split.

If the Lucky Box split is a Pre-Order that is not 'Waiting for Stock' and instead has a Pre-Order Deadline and there is less than 7 days before this deadline, then the deadline will instead become the day before that date. A product that is 'Waiting for Stock' has an additional quantity ordered by us and therefore follows the same rules as an In-Stock set.


When will a completed Split be shipped?

For a Box-Split of an In-Stock Lucky Box set, we will begin shipping as soon as the required amount has been reserved. You will receive a message via Instagram confirming that your character has been shipped.

As Box-Splits are managed manually by us, please allow up to 3 days maximum before shipment is confirmed. We will strive to have characters sent as quickly as possible and alert you to any delays.

For a Box-Split of a Pre-Order Lucky Box set, we will begin shipping as soon as we have received our stock of the product and updates on the status of the shipment will be sent to each customer via Instagram Direct Message.